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Motiv Services

Our years of experience, combined with broad technical skill sets, means we can provide end-to-end solutions for your music and audio projects, no matter how simple or complex. Pick a service below to find our more about how we can help.

“Working with Motiv is a whole new level of professionalism.” – Harmony“Ben’s the man with the golden ears!” – Desert Dwellers“Pete brought my vocals alive and produced a sound for me that I am proud to share. I literally wept when I heard the mix down.” – Rebecca Ireland“These guys offer the perfect blend of up-to-date technological expertise and heartfelt musical insight.” – Sun Hyland

Who We Are

We are a team of passionate music producers, audio engineers, composers and trainers who believe in the power of music to inspire, to invoke, to heal and to transform. We invite you to bring your vibe and vision. We are here to support and enhance your music every step of the way.

Benjamin Last

Pete Robinson

Audio Engineers
  • we capture the nuance of every instrument and performance
  • we translate your vision using the best available tools
  • we balance intuitively all elements of the music
Music Producers
  • we listen deeply to your uniqueness as an artist
  • we understand the vibe of different musical genres
  • we bring your whole project together
  • we are beat-makers, sound healers, remixers and DJs
  • we are sound designers, composers and arrangers
  • we are percussionists, pianists and live performers
“These guys offer the perfect blend of up-to-date technological expertise and heartfelt musical insight.” – Sun Hyland“Pete, in thirty years of making music you are the fastest editor I’ve ever worked with! Keep up the good work.” – Mark Lennon (Venice)“Ben totally nailed the sound in a way that I could not have thought possible. Utter. Legend.” – Fire Mane“I needed sensitivity, gentle hands and a loving ear – I got it, and the warmth given to my master was sensational.” – Ian Morton

Recent Projects

We are honoured to work with so many talented artists, writing some of the most expressive and heartfelt music that we ourselves are inspired by.

“Ben draws on his broad audio skill set, to lift his clients’ soundscapes into new realms of sonic mastery.” – Murray Kyle“I am 100% satisfied and confident in Pete’s skills, his personal service and his ability to bring out the best in me and my music.” – Zahlu“Ben is a bright new star in the ever evolving domain of sound design and music production. Get with the dude.” – Darpan“Pete’s professionalism, friendliness and generosity of spirit make it easy to recommend him to others. I’ll be back.” Anando Bharti

How We Work

At Motiv, we believe that careful planning, nurturing the creative process and holding a clear vision are the keys to getting the best from the music and and from each other.

OUR Process

  • we develop a comprehensive production plan
  • we craft your music with focus and intention
  • we bring to life your vision for your project


  • we create a relaxed and focussed atmosphere
  • we love exploring your musical ideas
  • we trust your ears as much as ours

OUR Tools

  • we are constantly learning and honing our skills
  • we work in calibrated listening environments
  • we make the best use of the latest audio technology


  • our wide skill set gives you end-to-end solutions for your music
  • our remote tools allow you to listen in from anywhere on earth
  • we convert your studio sound into live performance setups

Motiv Studios

Melbourne · Sydney · Byron Bay · Bali

With primary facilities in Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay, and Bali, and numerous online collaboration projects underway, Motiv embodies the troubadour spirit by taking our music production tools wherever our clients need us to be.


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Benjamin Last (Melbourne)
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Pete Robinson (Byron Bay)
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