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Motiv Mastering: Murray Kyle's latest album: TALISMAN

With so much going on in the world, I find it ever more important to embrace the value and worth of what is so often right in front of me everyday.. the opportunity to love, to connect, to laugh, to heal, to raise each other up, and to feel deep gratitude just to be alive, again, this day. Nothing inspires me more in this regard than music that brings me back to myself and reminds me of all that we are capable of.

With this in mind, it is an honour and pleasure to be working with Murray Kyle on the final mixes and the mastering for his latest album TALISMAN, which is filled with so many heart-felt gems. Murray is a truly gifted musician and songwriter, with an incredible knack for conveying so clearly what so many are feeling, to put into melodies and words the zeitgeist of this Medicine Tribe and the important messages of our time.

by Pete Robinson